Ada E. Yonath
Ada E. Yonath
Nobel Laureate 2009, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Jordi Arbiol
Jordi Arbiol
ICREA & ICN2, (CSIC - BIST), President, Spanish Microscopy Society, Spain
Maurizio Prato
Maurizio Prato
Professor, University of Trieste
Marcos A. Pimenta
Marcos A. Pimenta
Professor, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil
Murali Sastry
Murali Sastry
Professor, Monash University
Ester VazquezDirector
Ester Vazquez
Director, Institute for Applied Scientific Research (IRICA), Spain
Sang Ouk Kim
Sang Ouk Kim
Chair Professor, KAIST
Republic of Korea
Paolo Samori
Paolo Samori
DPHNL, University of Strasbourg & CNRS, France
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Focal Areas of Future Materials Conference 2021

The materials science conference offers sessions covering vital areas in the field of materials science and Future Materials. The sessions have been designed in a manner that the theme and the topics address the latest challenges and issues faced in the field.

Some of the major topics covered in the Future Materials conference includes:
  • Advanced Materials
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advances in Future Materials
  • Future Materials in Defense
  • Electronics & Sensors
  • Biotechnology and Medical
  • 3d Printing Technology
  • Nanomaterials in Catalysis
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • Nano Chemistry
  • Solar Future Materials
  • Materials Physics
  • Energy and environmental materials

Who should attend Materials Science Conference 2021

Future materials conference offers an opportunity to network with peers from academia and industries. The conference provides a unique platform for professors, Industrialists, researchers, Materials Scientists, and engineers to come over atone place and discuss the latest trends in the field of Materials Science and Future Materials. The students can have a networking session with the leading researchers from the globe. Future Materials 2021 is perfect for all international and national scientists, professors, CEO from various organizations of Materials Science that need a short rejuvenating break away from their university, companies as well as busy schedule.

Why to attend Materials Science Conference?

Future Materials conference will offer diversified information’s recent cutting-edge technological advances with ample networking opportunities. The speaker line up for the Future Materials conference consists of world-renowned experts from wide fields of expertise. The conference provides a chance for all the leading business professionals to elevate the company’s business by having a one on one meeting with elite business representatives which increases the chance of marketing. The materials science conference will have International collaborations since the agenda has been designed in a way that all the attendees will be able to acquire things at the finest. The students and researchers can acquire knowledge by attending interactive oral and poster presentations. The conference also offers a golden opportunity to publish their full-length articles in the SCOPUS indexed journals.

Inspiring Speakers of Future Materials Conference

Attend the sessions from key decision makers of Materials Science and Nanotechnology and get acumen knowledge into their latest research.

Real Networking Experience

Future Materials frame the empirical and systematic minds of both Young Turks and experienced professionals in the field of Materials Science and Nanotechnology.

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